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Smart Coffee & Mushroom Fusion

Smart Coffee & Mushroom Fusion

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What are the benefits?

Thanks to the inclusion of Lion's Mane, renowned for compounds like hericenones and erinacines, your daily coffee boost now comes with enhanced mental clarity and focus. These compounds are scientifically recognized for their neuroprotective properties and ability to stimulate neuron growth.

Chaga mushrooms, packed with phytochemicals, enrich this blend. These powerful plant compounds invigorate our body's immunological and hormonal systems, ensuring optimal balance and vitality.

The caffeine content in our Arabica coffee is renowned for counteracting fatigue and enhancing alertness. Paired with the adaptogenic traits of mushrooms, this fusion ensures a steady and sustainable energy uplift, empowering you to remain lively and spirited throughout your day.

Lion's Mane, a crucial ingredient in our fusion, is heralded globally for its neuroboosting capabilities. Scientific research highlights its active compounds, hericenones, and erinacines, which are linked to neuroprotection and the promotion of neuron growth. This translates to sharper focus and a keen sense of clarity for its users.

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Clarityfy Smart Coffee & Mushroom Fusion: Power Up Your Mornings, Naturally!

Level Up Your Coffee with Lion's Mane & Chaga Mushrooms

Start your day right with Clarityfy Smart Coffee & Mushroom Fusion! This innovative blend seamlessly combines rich, organic Arabica coffee with the powerful adaptogens, Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms.

More Than Just a Cup of Joe:

Brainpower Boost: Lion's Mane, rich in nootropics like hericenones and erinacines, may support memory, focus, and cognitive function.

Holistic Wellness: Chaga mushrooms are packed with essential nutrients and phytochemicals, potentially aiding your immune system and hormonal balance.

Delicious & Effective: Enjoy a smooth, satisfying coffee taste (no mushroom aftertaste!) while getting over 1200mg of potent mushroom extracts per cup.

Effortless Upgrade to Your Routine

P.S. It's important to note that despite its rich mushroom content, this product maintains the taste of coffee (not mushrooms), making it an effortless switch from a classic coffee.


90% USDA Organic Arabica Coffee, 5% USDA Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder, 5% USDA Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder.

  • Origin: ingredients from Brazil, made in the USA.
  • Flavor: Creamy with gentle sweet and nutty undertones.
  • Form: Ground coffee suitable for diverse brewing methods.
  • Quantity: 0.25lb (113g) of enriching blend.
  • Brewing: Versatile for coffee makers, pour-over methods like Chemex, Aeropress, and more.
No fillers Non-GMO Corn-free Vegan friendly Organic Sugar-free
Gluten-free Vegetarian Lactose-free Allergen-free Hormone-free Antibiotic-free All natural
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your mushrooms take to start feeling first effects?

The effects of our mushrooms can differ based on factors like body weight, metabolism, and overall health. Generally, oral consumption, like in supplement form, may yield some improvements such as enhanced focus and memory within two weeks to a month. For more significant effects, prolonged and consistent usage over several months is often necessary.

Are your mushrooms psychodelic?

No they are not. None of them contain psychoactive substances.

Are your mushrooms organic?

Yes, they are. Our mushrooms are certified 100% organic, made with vegan ingredients only. Apart from that, none of our supplements contain fillers, antibiotics, GMO, lactose, hormones, allergens, and any other harmful additives.

For how long your mushrooms can be stored?

Our mushrooms can be stored up to 12 months once opened.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Makenna Evans
Best Tasting Coffee and No Jitters!

I would consider myself a big coffee person, and Smart Coffee was just the best! I made it in my French press and it was so flavorful and rich. The mushroom fusion helped to balance out the caffeine and I felt energized and focused, but not jittery after drinking it! Will definitely be buying again!

Stef Fasulo
Delicious all around!

I really loved this coffee blend. From the initial aroma to the taste. Very good quality and it was delicious. Feeling great too. Will purchase more for myself and friends.

Best coffee ever!

Obsessed with my new morning coffee! Not only because it tastes good, but because I know the benefits that come with drinking it!


Tastes like normal coffee, no mushroom taste at all, and does not upset my stomach like regular coffee sometimes.

Aspen Williams

Tastes so good, and doesn't upset my stomach at all, like it!

Why choose us?

Every single product at our store is made of 100% organic mushrooms; all of them are grown and nurtured by the experienced farmers in the USA and Canada, whose job is to ensure their outstanding quality on the first place.

Meanwhile, 99% of our competitors get functional mushrooms from China, where they are grown artificially (making them cheaper to produce), adding antibiotics, hormones, sugars, lactose, gluten, and other harmful additives.

Expect your items within a 3-9 business day window. Upon order confirmation, a Tracking Code will be provided to you. If any issues arise with your shipment, like a delay or misplacement, we've got you covered with a complimentary replacement.

Our 30-day return policy is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Simply forward us your Order ID via email, and we'll process your full refund, even if you've used the product.

The price displayed is the final price. No sneaky add-ons or unexpected fees. We believe in total transparency.

Ensure your order is placed by 6 PM, and we will have it sent to you that very day. Any hitches, and we'll offer a token of goodwill on your subsequent purchase.


Feel the enchantment of our blends consisting of entirely natural mushrooms, meticulously nurtured to perfection by US & Canadian farmers!

Lions' Mane

Lion's Mane

Cognitive Health

Uniquely positioned as a natural cognitive enhancer, this substance not only supports nerve regeneration but has also been documented to mitigate symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.



Energy & Libido

Cordyceps is primarily heralded for its potent ability to amplify energy levels and increase libido. Additionally, research indicates its supportive role in heart health and its potential to enhance sleep quality.



Heart Health & Anti-Anxiety

A natural remedy celebrated for promoting heart health, leading to improved cardiovascular function, and for its anti-anxiety properties, fostering calmness, emotional balance, and reduced stress.



Energy & Sugar Control

A naturally powerful source celebrated for its notable energy-boosting properties and commendable sugar regulation capabilities.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail

Immune System

A purely natural immune system enhancer backed by scientific studies to elevate antioxidant and immune responses within the body.



Cardiovascular Health

A rich source of dietary fiber that curtails negative cholesterol, fostering heart health and minimizing inflammation.



Weight Loss

Rich in essential B vitamins that amplify cellular energy output, sharpening mental clarity and uplifting mood.

White Button

White Button

Gut Health

Among the few non-animal-based foods that are naturally abundant in lovastatin, a vital agent that curbs cholesterol synthesis.

Royal Sun

Royal Sun


A natural compound known for its effectiveness in addressing autoimmune challenges and allergies, all without any side-effects.

Learn more about the science of the functional mushrooms and uncover their surprising benefits.